Ticket Views

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Views display a list of tickets, that is usually filtered. 

By default, Gorgias includes 4 views: 

  • Open tickets: all the tickets that are open, meaning that need your attention
  • My tickets: tickets that are opened & assigned to you.
  • support@company.com: open tickets from your support email address only
  • Closed tickets: tickets that are closed. They don't need any further action from you. 

Creating a new view

As you use Gorgias, you'll probably want to create your own views. 

A view displays all the tickets that match certain filters. Filters can be a tag, a status, an integration, an assignee, a requester (meaning a customer) or a channel.  

Here's how to create a view: 

  1. In the blue navigation column, next to Views, click on the Settings wheel
  2. Click Create new view
  3. Click Add filter
    • Typically, add 2 filters: STATUS is not CLOSED and TAGS contain A-CERTAIN-TAG
  4. Click Create view

You're all set!

Alternatively, you can create a new view from an existing one. In that case, go to the view you want to use, click Edit viewedit the filters and click Save as new view.

Ordering & hiding views

Each team member can choose: 

  • Which views to display
  • The order of the views

To edit this, click on the Settings wheel, and check or drag & drop views.

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