Adding Team Members

Updated 5 hours ago by Chloe Kesler

To add team members to your Gorgias account:

1. Navigate over to "Settings" and from the left hand navigation panel select "Team members".

2. Click "Add team member" in the top right.

3. Insert your team members information and select their role. Once you have completed this click "Add team member". Your new team member will now receive an email with a link inviting them to setup their password and login to Gorgias. If you need to edit the user or resend their invitation email go back to step 1 and then click on their name. From here you will be able to make changes and resend the invite.

User Permissions

Currently there are two user roles in Gorgias; Agent and Admin. The Admin role will have access to all features and settings within Gorgias. The agent role will have access to everything except for the following which are found under "Settings": Integrations, Satisfaction, Billing & Usage, Tags, Import Data, Business Hours.

*Please note that the agent role can still create tags and add tags to tickets but cannot delete or edit tags.

We will be releasing new user roles and permissions soon so stay tuned!

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