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Klaviyo is an email marketing platform for creating, managing and measuring every email a business sends.

Integration benefits

  • When a ticket is created, add the ticket customer to a Klaviyo list

Setup instructions

  1. Go to your Klaviyo account
  2. Go to Account
  3. Copy your API key, it should look like this: pk_uFdm8VOdahnFjZl3ixpTuFdm8VO
  4. Go to the list page
  5. Get the LIST_ID. It should look like this: JmTrWD
  6. Go to Gorgias
  7. Go to Integrations -> HTTP integrations -> Add HTTP integration
  8. Add a header line
  9. Copy the config below
    • Integration name: Add customers who contact support to a Klaviyo list
    • Triggers: ticket created
    • URL: https://a.klaviyo.com/api/v2/list/<LIST_ID from step 5>/members
    • HTTP Method: POST
    • Add this in the body:
      • {
            "api_key": "<API key from step 3>",
            "profiles": [{
                "email": "{{ticket.customer.email}}"
    • Example:
      • {
            "api_key": "pk_nbb2d30nlfb2830hg24g3gdq90hd32",
            "profiles": [{
                "email": "{{ticket.customer.email}}"
  10. Save

You're all set!

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