Chat and Chat Campaigns

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Using the chat integration is a great way to give your customers quick and convenient access to your support team. For directions on installing the chat on your site please click here.


In your Gorgias helpdesk you can access the various chat settings seen below from Settings, Integrations, Chat, Preferences.

  • Email Capture : Choose whether or note you want to request for your customers to input their email address and custmize the text used for when you are Online or Away.
  • Away Auto-Responder : If no agents are available you can customize the text your customer will receive.
  • Inactivity Settings : After a certain amount of time of inactivity with a customer on chat, a new ticket will be created. Use this setting to select what time period you would like for that to be.

Set yourself as available for chat

You can determine when you're available to chat with customers or not.

If no agent is available, your chat widget will go to offline mode. When a visitor initiates a chat, they will receive your chat auto-responder message.

To set your availability, click on your name at the bottom right, and use the Available for chat toggle.

Chat online/offline status

The chat can be either online or offline. 

Here's how the offline mode gets triggered:

  • If your entire team is not connected on Gorgias
  • If you're connected on Gorgias but everybody's status is not available for chat
  • If your whole team hasn't been active on Gorgias for 30min. Why do we do this? If one of your team member leaves their computer on for the whole weekend, we want to avoid leaving the chat online and setting expectations for immediate responses while your team is not here. 

Chat Campaigns

Chat campaigns are a great way to engage customers on your website and can help increase conversions as well. You can create chat campaigns within the integration settings. Settings --> Integrations --> Chat --> Campaigns

Use the "Current URL" and "Time spent on page" filters to determine what page(s) each campaign pops up on and when you want it to appear.

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