Ticket Views

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What are views?

Views display a list of tickets, that is usually filtered. 

By default, Gorgias includes 4 views: 

  • Open tickets: all the tickets that are open, meaning that need your attention
  • My tickets: tickets that are opened & assigned to you.
  • support@company.com: open tickets from your support email address only
  • Closed tickets: tickets that are closed. They don't need any further action from you. 

Creating a new view

As you use Gorgias, you'll probably want to create your own views. 

A view displays all the tickets that match certain filters. Filters can be a tag, a status, an integration, an assignee, a customer or a channel.  

Here's how to create a view: 

  1. In the blue navigation column, next to Views, click on the Settings wheel
  2. Click Create new view
  3. Click Add filter
    • Typically, add 2 filters: STATUS is not CLOSED and TAGS contain A-CERTAIN-TAG
  4. Click Create view

You're all set!

Alternatively, you can create a new view from an existing one. In that case, go to the view you want to use, click Edit viewedit the filters and click Save as new view.

Ordering & hiding views

Each team member can choose: 

  • Which views to display
  • The order of the views

To edit this, click on the Settings wheel, and check or drag & drop views.

Ordering tickets by Date Created

If you would like to sort your tickets by date created, here is how you can create a custom view.

  1. Go into the view you want to sort out (in our example, this is our Open Tickets view).
  2. Click on the blue icon on the right.
  3. Tick the Created box.
  4. Click on the triangle symbol to sort out by ascending or descending date.
  5. Click on update view.

  6. Confirm.
  7. You're all set!

Deleting a view

  1. Go to the view you want to delete
  2. Click on View settings
  3. Click Delete view
  4. Click Confirm

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