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Quick replies

If your customers are asking similar questions over and over, you can configure chat quick replies. When a customer starts a chat, she will see the quick replies and can click on them to initiate a conversation. This will create a ticket. Then, you can configure rules to automatically respond to this ticket.

You can have up to 3 quick replies, with a limit of 20 characters each.

To set up quick replies, go to Settings -> Integrations -> Chat -> Quick Replies and enable them!

Your customers can see quick replies in two cases:

  • When they start their first chat conversation with you
  • If they already chatted with your company in the past and they open the chat again, the last message needs to be more than 24 hours old for the quick replies to appear again

We don't recommend automatically responding with tracking information for now, because you would expose the shipping address of the customer to anyone who has their email address. We'll probably do a module for it in the future.

Quick Reply Rules

Once you have your quick replies setup you need to create rules to trigger an action. The example below shows how to setup an automated reply if a customer clicks one of the quick reply buttons. You could also choose to assign it to a particular agent or select from a multitude of different actions. Take a look at the autoreply example below:

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