Updated 6 months ago by Romain Lapeyre

If you're using eBay, you can receive customer's emails in Gorgias. Doing so is pretty straightforward, you just need to make sure eBay emails are sent to your Gorgias account. 

If that's not already the case, here's how you can send customers emails from eBay to Gorgias

  1. Log in on eBay 
  2. At the top right, click on My eBay, and select Summary
  3. Click on the Account tab

  4. Select Communication preferences in the left side menu
  5. Click Show under Delivery Options
  6. Make sure the address used here is the same as the email address connected to your Gorgias account. For instance, if it's support@company.com, make sure it shows up as the address you use to Receive messages from other members

You're all set. You'll now receive support messages from eBay in Gorgias.

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