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Elev.io is an in-app help center that allows your customers to browse help articles on any page of your website and contact support.

By connecting Elev.io to Gorgias:

  • Your customers can start chat conversations from Elev.io
  • Your customers can email you. You’ll receive their emails in Gorgias.

To connect Elev.io to Gorgias:

  1. In the elev.io dashboard, navigate to "Modules"
  2. Under the "Trigger" module, click "Install"
  3. Type in “Chat with us” as the Display Title. Then, select “Open Smooch chat window” as an action, pick an icon, and click "Add Module"
  4. Go back to "Modules." Under the "Link" module, click "Install"
  5. Type in “Email us” as the Display Title. Then, select “mailto:yoursupportemail@company.com” as the URL, pick the mail icon, and click "Add Module"

Nice Job! Now your customers can email you or start a chat conversation from the Elev.io help center.

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