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When a new ticket is created, you can connect Slack to post a notification in the Slack channel of your choice.

  1. In Slack, click on "Apps & integrations"
  2. In the top right, click "Build" to add a custom integration
  3. Click "Incoming WebHooks"
  4. Select the channel where you want to see notifications of new tickets, then click "Add Incoming WebHooks Configuration"
  5. Copy the Webhook URL
  6. In Gorgias, create an "HTTP Integration"
  7. Paste the Webhook URL from Slack into the URL
  8. Paste the code below into the body (to pass the ticket information to Slack)
  9. Select "Ticket Created" as a trigger
  10. Click "Add Integration"

Here’s the Request Body (JSON) that you can paste:

"text": "New ticket <https://{{ticket.account.domain}}{{}}|*{{ticket.subject}}*> from *{{}}*",
"attachments": [
"text": "{{ticket.first_message.body_text}}",
"title": "{{ticket.subject}}",
"title_link": "https://{{ticket.account.domain}}{{}}"

Congrats, you're all set!

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