Swell Rewards

Updated 3 weeks ago by Axelle Heems

Swell Rewards is a popular loyalty program for e-commerce. You can display how many points customers have next to tickets, and award points with macros. 

Here's how to connect Swell to Gorgias:

  1. Go to your Swell account
  2. Under the Settings page, copy the merchant_id and the api_key
  3. Go to Gorgias, and head to Integrations -> HTTP integrations  -> Add new HTTP integration
  4. Copy the configuration below, replace {{merchant_id}} and {{api_key}} in the URL with the values from step 2, and click Add integration
Integration name: Get customer points
Description: Swell
Trigger: Ticket created & ticket updated

Nice! You've added the integration. Now head to a ticket to configure the Swell widget.

  1. Go to a ticket from a customer who has Swell points
  2. Click the settings wheel at the top right
  3. You will be able to drag & drop the Swell data box to the customer information panel and create a widget

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