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Display the reviews a customer left on your Shopify store next to support tickets.

This feature is not available on the Yotpo free plan. 
  1. In your Yotpo Admin page, click "Settings" under the profile icon
  2. Click "Store Settings"
  3. Scroll down to "API Credentials," then copy the "APP Key"
  4. In your Gorgias account, click on "Integrations," then click "HTTP Integrations," then click "Add HTTP Integration"
  5. Copy the config below. Ensure that you replace the APP key in the URL, so the final result looks like the screenshot:
Integration name: Get reviews left by the user
          Description: Yotpo
          Trigger: Ticket created & Ticket updated
          URL: https://api.yotpo.com/products/<Your Yotpo APP key>/yotpo_global_reviews/reviews.json?user_reference={{ticket.customer.integrations.shopify.customer.id}}

Make sure to not include the "<" and ">" at step 5. 

Nice job! Now you’ll see reviews next to tickets.

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