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You can use Zapier to create a ticket when a customer mentions you on Twitter. 

To set up Zapier:

  1. Create a new zap in Zapier. 
  2. Select the trigger of the zap:
    1. Select "Twitter" as the Trigger App 
    2. Select "Search Mention"
    3. Connect your Twitter account
    4. Choose @your-company as the search term
    5. Test the zap
  3. Then, create an action in step 2 to create a ticket in Gorgias:
    1. Select "Webhooks"
    2. Select "Custom request"
    3. Then, set up the template. You can replace the values in the configuration below:
      1. POST
      2. URL: https://{your-domain}.gorgias....
      3. Data Pass-Through: NO
      4. Data: see code block below
      5. Unflatten: no
      6. Basic Auth
      7. Headers: Content-Type, Application/json
    4.           {  
                         "subject":"Tweet from @{{21274624__user__screen_name}}",
                         "body_html":"There's a new tweet that mentions @your-company<br><br><b>{{21274624__text}}</b><br><br>  <a href='{{21274624__url}}'>Respond on Twitter </a><br><br> User :  <a href='{{21274624__user__url}}'> >>{{21274624__user__name}} - @{{21274624__user__screen_name}} </a>({{21274624__user__followers_count}} followers)  - {{21274624__user__description}}<br> User location : {{21274624__user__location}} <br>",
    5. Click "Save"

Nice job! When a customer mentions your company in a tweet, a ticket will be created in Gorgias. 

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