Auto-assign tickets

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Using rules and teams, you can auto-assign tickets to available users. In the following example, we auto-assign chat tickets to available users of one of our teams.

  1. Create your team and add members in it.
  2. Create a rule that assigns new tickets to your team. You can learn more about rules in our documentation.
  3. Enable the "auto-assign tickets" feature. This feature will auto-assign tickets that are assigned to a team, to an available agent of this team, as soon as an agent of the team is available.
    Also, you can enable feature "un-assign on reply". This feature will un-assign the tickets when there is a new reply in a ticket, if the user assigned to it is not available.
    Then, select channels on which the "auto-assign tickets" and "un-assign on reply" features should be applied.
  1. Tickets that are assigned to a team, but that are not assigned to a user yet, will be automatically and evenly assigned to available team members.

Team members are considered as available if they:

  • are online
  • set their status to "Available"
  • have less than 3 chat tickets assigned to them (channels "chat" or "facebook-messenger"), or less than 4 non-chat tickets assigned to them (all the others channels).

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